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HD Ltl Acorn 12MP MMS 6210MM

Product Ref: QR0654
HD Ltl Acorn 12MP MMS 6210MM
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                                    HD Ltl Acorn 6210MM Camera (940nm Version)


Receive pictures directly to your mobile phone via MMS or view online over the internet ! and of course you have all the standard features as the 5210A including taking videos.

This is the HD verison of the 5210MM model. Very simple to use and easy to obtain great images and HD videos at 1440 x 1080p. 

True 5MP sensor with 3MP compressions and 12MP Interpolation. Please be aware that there are many immitations of this Ltl Acorn camera on the market and may not neccessarly perform as well. 

This device will trigger with movement and take photos & videos automatically depending on how it is set via the menu. Time lapse option is also available in this model were pictures can be taken every time interval set.

It is known to be comparable to the Bushnell Trophy Cam and the results are very similar to one another.

Have a look on out Trail Cameras Information Page for additional advice & comparison of the models.

Included with this item is a 12 months manufacturer warranty like most of our other cameras and anytime technical help from us as we have years on experience.

This model can last up to about 4 months without the need of changing batteries. Takes the standard AA batteries - 4 inside the device and an additional 4 with the back battery pack.

We also provide solar panels (including rechargable batteries) which can extend the life of the camera out on the field by a few more months.

The camera can operate in complete darkness using infrared night vision which will provide videos & photos in black & white. The 940nm version will not glow as the previous model, so its completely invisible to the naked eye.

Night Vision Range & PIR Sensor Range - 20 metres (we've noticed it may do an additional approx 6m depending on the weather)

Built in colour screen which gives you the option to view the shots and to set up the functions of the camera.

This unit requires a SD memory card and AA Batteries to operate. 


- 12mp Trail Camera

- Strap

- Usb Cable

- Av Cable

- CD

- Instructions

We do sell the standard models of this version and HD models which videos & images can be sent directly to you mobile phone/email. 

If your interested in the standard MMS version click here. If your interested in the standard version click here.