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Apex Premium Multi Bird Box Camera Systems Wired

Product Ref: QR0590
Apex Premium Multi Bird Box Camera Systems Wired
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                                                 Wired Bird Box Camera System (Pine box) 

                                            Available in either Golden or Dark Brown colours.

                                                       With side windows - better colours produced


Colour, Audio & Night vision Camera with this version. Different cable lengths are available.

The wired version is very easy to install and setup. Even easier than the wireless setup.

Our Premium & Apex models only differ in the design & dimensions of the nesting box.

Install the bird box with camera, plug the camera to the lead and the other end to your TV & power supply and select the right channel.

This system usually provides colour images during the day and black/white at night. Built in microphone inside the camera also allows you to hear as well as to see what’s going on!

This is a ready system and very straight forward to set up. Minimum knowledge is required.


This Bird Box will attract majority of Garden Birds including;

Blue Tits   - Great Tits  -  Coal Tits - Sparrows  -  Robins and more …


Suitable for Educational purposes , Retirement, Anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday present. And of course can be used during any seasons in the year Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, from watching animals nesting and producing their young to their hibernation process during the winter. 

Each camera kit is tested several times before sending out. We Do Care !

This is a 420 TV Line resolution camera. We also do sell other resolution Camera Kits if they are required.

Here is how the setup would look like;

              Description: Bird camera wiring

Description: Bird Box WiringInstallation of the camera is very easy to do.The bracket comes with mounting holes and two side screws to position the actual camera body into place. Makes it easier to set at an angle for the perfect view. Here the camera is fitted at the back of the bird box. It can be attatched to the roof or one of the side walls for a different view. The cable from the camera is about 2mm thick in diammeter which can be easily tucked between the wall and roof of the bird nesting box. Installation is the same as our other nest boxes. 

This Wildlife Camera can be used for a variety of nest boxes.


A 3in1 cable provided connects directly to the camera from an Av/Scart port of a TV and a power supply either beside the TV or the nest box. The cable caries, Video, Audio and Power in one instead of three seperate cables. Black and white are available, please contact us before purchasing if there is a preference. This is free of charge of course.

Description: Scart Connection

On the left shows the other end of the cable (away from the camera)  which plugs into the AV sockets of a TV. If you have a scart connection type you will need to have an adapter which can be easily purhcased anywhere or directly from us. It's unlikely that you will require one.

The red plug connects to the power supply unit (at 12v) - provided of course, with approximately 1 metre in length.

You can also watch & record directly onto your PC using our usb device with software. This is sold seperatley and can be added later on if wished


Description: Bird Box CameraThis is how the camera looks like up close. Not to be confused with similar but inferior products ! The ends of the three cables will be colour coded when delivered. They will be video, audio and power - yellow, white, red. Simple !

Nightvision will be automatically set and adjusted by the camera, provided by the 3 leds on each side of the lens.




The Wired Camera System Details;

Wired camera with colour,audio,night vision,and a wide angle lens.


Camera is the size of a small match box with built in night vision and audio. Night vision allows you to watch in dark environments including during the nights. 6IR gives enough night vision lighting for nest boxes and suitable for up to 2 metres. A wider angled lens fitted for a better viewing angle. Its screwable, so focus and swapping lenses would be very quick & easy to do. Our camera's usually have the lenses focused so there shouldn't be any need for adjustments.

Other Features

- Splash Proof metal casing
- Comes with a tiltable bracket
- Small, and can be put in different locations in a nest box etc for a different angle view.
- Built in Night Vision, so Colour during the day and black and white during the night by using the intelligent sensor.
- Wide angle lens
- Easy colour coded plugs .

The Bird Box;

Description: Pine Birdbox

This birdbox has been designed especially for the use of our cameras giving you a wide view of what’s going on inside and the best pictures possible. The nest box includes predrilled side windows which allow just that little bit extra light which enables the camera to activate in the colour mode more often. After much research and experience, the side windows will not interfere with the nest box. The windows are frosted.

Side windows are predrilled and ready to be fitted with the side windows with the supplied glue which are included in the kit.Fully assembled  & made in the UK using 21mm FSC Pine dipped in either Dark Brown or Golden Brown. Treated with beeswax based paint giving you many years of box life. This paint is bird friendly and safe.

The roof and the front panels are screwed with galvanised cross head screws for easy installation and cleaning after nesting. Top front panel can be removed to create a open entranced bird box or both front panels can be removed to form a table feeder. A 28mm entrance plate can be purchased from us under the accessories page.

The package includes;

1x Wall Power supply for Camera

1x 3 in 1 cable

1x Kit set up instructions

1x Fixings

And of course the BirdBox & Camera itself.

Reasons to purchase from us;

    -Years of Experience
    -High Spec Cameras, with Correct Lens Fitted
    -Modified Bird Box for use with our cameras.
    -Many Handy Extras
   -10 Page Manual
    -Legal equipment in the UK
    -Fast Delivery
    -14 Day Return Policy No Quibble
    -2 Year Warranty

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USB (PC) Adapter:
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