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Bird Box Cameras (Ready Systems)

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60 species of bird use nest boxes in private gardens throughout the UK.  With our nest box camera kits, you can observe all their activities from the comfort of your home.  See them coming and going, building nests, interacting and experience the magic of eggs and chicks.


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5 Box designs

21mm FSC red pine

2 colours - dark or golden brown

Beeswax treated for longevity

Safe, legal, bird friendly

Up to 800 TV Line resolution cameras

Colour, audio, night vision wide angle lens

Wired or Wireless

All fixtures and fittings included

14 Day No Quibble Return Policy

2 Year Warranty


Wired bird box cameras from £49.99

Our 3 in 1 coloured coded cable, available in different lengths, powers the camera and sends video and audio signals for fast, easy set-up.  Simply plug the camera to the lead and the other end to your TV & power supply, select the right channel and start watching.  The cable will need to pass through a wall so you’ll need to drill a small hole.  At just 2mm thick it’s extremely slim for neat installation.


Wireless bird box camera systems from £82.99

Video and audio are transmitted wirelessly to a small antenna so there’s no need to trail cable from the box through to your house.  The receiver converts the signals into video/audio and plugs into your TV or PC.   You can power the camera by battery or through an outdoor power supply.  There’s no need for tuning – just flick a switch.  The 4 channel receiver also allows you to add multiple cameras.


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