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HD WiFi ULTRA IP Bird Box Camera System - Digital

Product Ref: QR0796
HD WiFi ULTRA IP Bird Box Camera System - Digital
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Our HD Ultra Bird Box Camera System (WiFi) is one of the best systems currently available on the market.

Watch in super high resolution, and more realistic colours wirelessly on anywhere in the world on Android, iOS devices, and even your PC through using the internet.


  • Watch directly live on your smart phone, tablet, and PC. Supports Android & iOS.
  • Software included. Free APPs, and software to view on your PC.
  • Options include: Motion Detection Recording, Motion Alerts, Continous Recordings, Snapshots.
  • HD Video Quality.
  • Can watch live and record on numerous devices simultaneously. 
  • Options to share with other users.
  • Built in memory card slot. Option to add a micro SD card within the camera.


Relying on your WiFi internet network at home, the camera is set up to have a wireless direct video transmission to your WiFi modem router - such as your BT Smart Hub, Sky Q Hub. 
This is very straight forward to do, and is assisted through using a free APP on your mobile device.

Once the camera is connected you will be able to view anywhere as long as the viewing device is connected to the internet.


You will need to check the site where you plan to install the wireless camera together with bird box if WiFi network is present. An easy quick way to determine this is to use an existing WiFi connected device and see if the signal is still present in the area.
If there is no WiFi signal in the area, you can use a WiFi Repeater/booster. This will extend your WiFi range and coverage.

Should WiFi not be accessable at the site, a cable can be used which will conntect between the camera and the modem/router box directly through ethernet cable. Cables are sold separately, and can be added at a later date. Varying in length, this can be anything form 5m, to 50m and onwards.


Tablet/Smart Phone 
APP is free and can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.

Ready to be viewed directly on a PC. We are currently working on a MAC version.

With a NVR box, you can further watch directly on your TV. The box simply connects to your WiFi network, and plugs to the back of your TV.
You will be able to watch live and record single or several cameras. This is sold separately. See here for further details.

Powering the WiFi Bird Box Camera

Although the WiFi camera is wireless, it will need to have an external power supply. 
As with all our small nest box cameras it is not possible to accomodate a battery within the camera. Changing the battery will result the disturbance of a bird nest, and if one were to be enclosed within a camera's housing we've worked out that in the best scenario a couple of days continous usage would be acheivable.

A mains power supply unit is included with the camera kit which is approximately 1m in length. This is a built in transformer plug stepping down to a low 12V voltage. A power extension cable is supplied which can further be used to connect the power plug and the camera itself. If there is a nearby mains power source such as within a local shed/garage this would be ideal.

Battery packs are available separately. This is a 12V camera and will need a 12V battery pack. Various sizes are available allowing the camera to operate from a few hours to days. A wireless remote switch is also available control the on/off.
Solar panel systems are also available.
Our remote power source supplies can be found here.

Production Versions
We have the standard HD resolution, and the full 1080p HD version available.

Bird Box


Additional Cameras
With the APPS, and software supplied, it is possinle to add additional WiFi Bird Box Cameras from our range fairly easily. The setup process is the similar to that of installing the first one.

WiFi Repeaters/Extenders
If you do not have WiFi in the area, if the signal is very poor, or occasionally drops out, a WiFi repeater can be used. This also applies to additional cameras.

Wireless Power Control Switch
Wirelessly control the mains power supply. With a remote turn on/off the camera from a distance away.

Further Camera Details

  • Built in LEDs for Night Vision. 
  • Colour when there is sufficient light and auto night vision when levels are low.
  • Size of two small matchboxes stacked on top of one another.
  • Wide angle lens.
  • Micro SD card recording option.


Our History with WiFi Wildlife Cameras

We have dealt with WiFi cameras for numerous years, and have supplied bespoke WiFi systems in the past. We have developed this product over a number of years from the setup, the ease of installation, and software configuration. In the past this has been fairly complicated. It has now been made fairly easy to do, together with the support of illustrated step by step instructions, and the additional development of product extensions anything from using other software packages, and electronic supplies.

We even had competitors buyour WiFi nest box camera kits from us!

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