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High Gain Antenna Yagi 25DBi 2.4GHz

Product Ref: QR0634
High Gain Antenna Yagi 25DBi 2.4GHz
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This can be used with our analogue and digital systems.

If using with one of our digital wireless systems you can use this for the transmitter and the receiver.

With an analogue system, you can connect this directly to the wireless receiver or through the use of an extension cable.

Using a higher gain antenna will help to increase the signal pick up, and therefore allowing a greater wireless range.

Gain: 25 DBi

Included: 1 x RP SMA Female to SMA Male Adapter 


Size: 50 x 7 x 3 cm

Cable Lengh: 150 cm

Cable plug without the adapter fitted: RP-SMA Male Connector