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Additional Wireless Camera CMOS 700TVL

Product Ref: QR0630
Additional Wireless Camera CMOS 700TVL
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This is for an additional wireless camera which can be added to any of our wireless wildlife camera kits. Our receivers can operate with up to 4 cameras.

This is the most common and favourite wireless camera used for many different Nature Watch applications from small bird boxes to small mammal boxes.

Please note, although the camera may look similar to some of our competitors, the electronics enclosed within the device itself is very likely to be different and may not necessarily perform as well as our do in small enclosures i.e. bird boxes. Most similar lookalike models unfortunately typically do contain contain cheaper inferior chips.


A quick summary:


- Splash Proof metal casing.

- Fitted with an easy to mount bracket.

- Small, and can be put in different locations in a nest box etc. for a different angle view.

- Built in Night Vision, so colour during the day and black & white during the night by using an intelligent sensor, which also alters the quality of the image for best. (6 LEDs)

- Flexible antenna.

- Wide angle lens.

- Easy plug for power supply cable.


Can be installed into almost any bird box, bat boxes, and other small nest boxes. If you wish to install a camera into a larger nest box you may require additional night vision (more LEDs) and we would highly recommend to opt for our CCD wireless camera instead.

This camera requires an 8.4V or 9V power supply. You can power this wireless camera using a battery or one of the packs we sell separately.

Items that are included;

1 x 2.4 GHz Wireless CMOS Camera

1 x 8.4V Wall Power Supply

1 x Battery Clip

1 x Instructions


You will require an existing 2.4Ghz receiver and a spare channel number to operate this camera. A channel number can be changed on the camera through the use of a switch at the back of the camera. This allows you to set the camera from channel 1 to 4.

This is a fantastic valued CMOS Bird Box Camera. If you wish to have even better superb colours, we suggest

one of our CCD models.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further help.