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Nest Box Camera Kits (DIY)


At UK Wildlife Cameras, we stock everything you need for your very own bird watching set-up.  You can see and hear birds as they feed, nest, interact and observe egg hatching and chicks live.


Our DIY section includes complete kits that can be fitting into your existing bird box.  If you want a nesting box too – find out more about our bird box camera kits


About specifications

TVL stands for Television Line Resolution - a measure of the number of lines within a picture, rather than dots or pixels.  Low resolution is up to 380, medium is between 400 and 480, high is 480 plus. 



Our 420 TVL wildlife camerascapture full colour images, with automatic night vision and audio.  Classed as medium res, our camera will give you amazing images for your wildlife viewing pleasure.  Our kits are available for wired or wireless installations.


High Resolution

480 TVL wildlife camera kit is our high resolution model for more clarity and precision.  With all the fantastic features of our standard model the colour wildlife camera will capture highly detailed images for the more serious birder. 


Already have our multi-channel wireless system?

You can have up to 4 different cameras for extra viewing angles so you don’t miss a thing.  Add on a new camera for just £29.95  To purchase our discount camera, you’ll need a 2.4Ghz receiver – check whether yours is compatible - send us an email with your make and model