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UK Wildlife Cameras
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Trail Cameras


Self-powered, self-operated and built to withstand all weathers – trail or scouting cameras will open up a whole new world of wildlife.  You can strap your device to trees or posts and watch animal action for weeks on end.  Observe all kinds of wildlife in your garden including birds, badgers, rabbits, foxes and squirrels.


We are trail camera specialists and the official distributors for some of the UK’s most trusted manufacturers including:

Ltl Acorn


Our range includes something for everyone – whether you’re new to wildlife observation or you’re a seasoned pro.  We supply all the accessories you need too including security boxes, locks, SD cards, batteries and even a solar powered kit.


Standard Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are motion activated and record still pictures or videos directly onto the device or a memory card.  All our devices are full colour with night vision and will function for up to 4 months on x4 AA batteries. 


You have a keypad to control sensitivity, trigger time, interval, video length and much more.  The sensors and flash work up to 20m (65ft) away, depending on the model you choose.  Images can be viewed on your TV or PC through TV-out, USB or SD card reader.


MMS/GPRS Cameras

These trail cams have the added functionality which allows videos or pictures to be sent via a mobile network to your phone or email.  You can view all the action without even leaving your house for the ultimate wildlife watching experience.


Read our information page for detailed trail camera specification info

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