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UK Wildlife Cameras
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Enjoy your very own wildlife observation studio

Get a fascinating insight into wonderful world of birds - watch them come and go, study nest building behaviour witness chicks hatching and see them grow all... from the comfort of your living room with our bird box camera systems.

Find out what's in your garden... observe foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, rabbits, squirrels, owls, bats and much more with our motion activated trail cameras

High spec wildlife cameras

Built-in night vision and audio

Quality nest boxes & feeders

Buy separately or complete kits

Trail & inspection cameras

Get everything you need

Fast Delivery

Easy to install

Comprehensive instructions

Full after-sales support

14 Day no quibble return policy

2 Year warranty

FREE help & advice

Did you know? - Over 60 species of bird use nest boxes including robins, house martins, kestrels and tawny owls.

Bird Box Cameras

Watch nest building and experience the joy of eggs and chicks. You can obtain great results with our affordable, easy to use nesting cameras. Available wired or wireless - watch the action live on your TV, from just £49.99.

Dont wait until Spring put up your nest box in the Autumn and provide refuge for roosting birds in the colder months.

DIY Camera Kits

Whether you have your own nest box, or plan to see what your pets get up to after dark, our DIY section includes everything you need to set up your own wildlife camera. Get your complete kit from just £38.00.

Give garden birds a helping hand leave newly raked lawn clippings lawn, strands of wool or feathers from old pillows for nesting material.

Trail Cameras

Motion activated cameras that record still images or videos. Strap to a tree or post and record all the action, 247. We stock the most trusted brands including Ltl Acorn, and Scoutguard models. Get our bestselling 12mp Ltl Acorn for just £133.99.

Private UK gardens cover about 270,000 hectares providing a much needed haven for wildlife.

Bird Feeder Cameras

Feeder cameras allow you to observe a greater variety of birds and can be enjoyed immediately, all year round. Our high quality bird feeder with seed hanger kit includes a 420 line camera with night vision and audio for just £56.59.

Blue tits are notorious chatter boxes hear their unique call around the garden and see them communicating to each other when feeding.

Cables & Accessories

We stock everything you need to enjoy the wildlife in your garden. Get adapters/convertors, bird box entrances, cables, fixings, security and signal boosters in our accessories section.

Camera Ready Nest Boxes

Our nest boxes are made in the UK from 21mm FSC red pine. Each is assembled individually, with side windows predrilled. Our boxes and feeders are camera ready and available from £13.99.

Give them a treat live mealworms are full of nourishment and will attract a greater variety of birds such as robins and thrushes.

Inspection Cameras

Wildlife observation camera comes complete with wireless monitor, and magnet, hook, mirror attachments for those difficult to reach places. Its easy to use for budding birders and great value for professionals at only £154.99.

Invest in a research notebook to list all the species that come to your garden and which ones stay and nest.

PC Connection & Recording Devices

Watch and record the action from your PC. USB device and software to view, record, and take pictures from your desktop or laptop.

Bat Box Camera System

Fascinating to watch, bats need your help to provide summer roosts, winter hibernation and breeding sites. Unlike birds, they dont build their own; they look for existing structures to call home.

61 in a box Birds squeeze together to keep warm in winter, the highest number ever recorded in one box is 61 (wrens).

Why UK Wildlife Cameras?

High quality equipment

Our cameras and manufacturers are carefully chosen for their superior quality. Our systems are specifically designed for wildlife viewers and fully certified for observational use.

Competitive prices

Youll find us considerably cheaper than our competitors but theres no compromise on quality. We deal directly with trusted manufacturers and pass those savings onto you.

Reputable, trusted

Weve been birding for years. Supplier to Schools, Universities, Zoos and Businesses and 1000s of individuals weve assisted many enthusiasts from owl observers to professional penguin watchers.

Friendly, helpful service

If you have any questions or need any further assistance, were happy to help. Speak to a friendly member of the team - send us an email

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